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To understand where we are today and what our future holds, it is essential to understand where we have come from. As the product of more than 20 years of diversified investment and management experience, WorldVest Equity was founded with a commitment to sound investing fundamentals and the flexibility to capitalize on diverse opportunities worldwide.

WorldVest Equity had its beginnings in 2007 under the name Javalon Technology Group (Javalon), a developer of disruptive technologies. In June of 2007, we lead an investment group to acquire Javalon as a platform company, not only to continue and expand the development of this disruptive technology unit, but with the added goal of leading the transition of Javalon into a unique investment and holding company under the WorldVest Equity brand. In September of 2008, we successfully completed our transition from Javalon Technology Group to WorldVest Equity when we completed a merger with FV Technology Investments, Ltd.

Initially, WorldVest’s focus is on transactions in North America and the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India, and China), which have among the fastest growing GDP’s in the world. The company’s management team, its network of trusted advisors, associates and affiliates bring to WorldVest access to the highest caliber transactions on a global basis and a demonstrated ability to recognize and capitalize quickly on true opportunities.

In June of 2009, after more than 18 months of acquiring and developing a global banking and advisory infrastructure, which included operations in the U.S., China, and Brazil, WorldVest merged these operations into its majority controlled public consulting subsidiary, Catalyst Ventures, Inc. to form an independently traded, fully reporting, global merchant banking company, doing business as “WorldVest.”

While WorldVest Equity remains the majority owner of Catalyst Ventures dba. WorldVest, the company continues to identify and monetize additional unique investment opportunities on a global basis seeking to participate in those which demonstrate the greatest possibility for outsized risk-adjusted returns.

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