WorldVest Corporate Aquisition Group

The WorldVest Corporate Acquisition Group (WVCAG) is in the business of acquiring controlling equity positions in high growth middle-market companies around the globe. WVCAG's objective is to become a leading global investor, developing a portfolio of strategic investments concentrated initially in North America and BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India, and China). The combination of our highly experienced internal management team and our network of trusted advisors, associates, and affiliate relationships enables WorldVest-CAG to access the very highest caliber transactions from around the world. Through each acquisition the mission of this Group will be to create significant shareholder value by investing in highly opportunistic companies which will create paradigm shifts in their respective markets and society as a whole. WorldVest employs a global opportunistic investment strategy that has been successfully executed over many years and numerous transactions by its management team. This strategy is designed to achieve returns relative to risk and maximize value through intensive post investment management assistance. Four themes define this strategic approach:

  1. Opportunistic Approach: Rather than focusing on specific industry sectors or geographic markets, WorldVest and Management seek to identify, on a case by case basis, individual opportunities that demonstrate the potential for outsized growth and returns.

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