WorldVest Venture Banking Group

The WorldVest Venture Banking Group (WVVB) was established to act as a solution provider and partner for its select entrepreneurial lead client companies which are seeking alternative sources of growth-capital, early-stage capital, or other types of non-traditional financing. WVVB client companies gain access to Investment Capital Syndication along with a unique suite of Venture Services including entrepreneurial advisory, management consulting, investor & public relations, reverse mergers & alternate public offerings, and finally corporate finance advisory and investment banking through our affiliate, Corporate Capital Group. While the majority of transactions within this division will not represent an opportunity to acquire a controlling equity position in the respective companies, they will represent an opportunity to partner with rapidly growing entrepreneurial lead companies around the globe.

The recent lack of liquidity in the global credit market has afforded tremendous power to those with the ability to raise and deploy cash while completing creative transactions. The WorldVest management team has substantial experience in completing transactions of this type, in addition to having a strategic relationship with Corporate Capital Group, a Los Angeles based global investment bank which, over its 18-year history, has demonstrated an ability to provide truly innovative solutions to complex capital issues. The combination of these resources forms the foundation of WVVB, affording its client companies valuable insight, resources and relationships on a global basis.

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