Javalon Technology Group

WorldVest Equity had its beginnings in 2007 under the name Javalon Technology Group, as a lead investor in and developer of disruptive technologies. Javalon Technology Group (Javalon) continues to operate as a division within WorldVest, making strategic acquisitions on a global basis of companies and technology assets that demonstrate an ability to create paradigm shifts within their respective markets.

The Javalon investment philosophy is to partner with entrepreneurs and management teams whose ultimate goal is building a successful business. Javalon searches the globe for opportunities to make strategic investments and form partnerships with these entrepreneurial lead technology companies. Once a relationship is established, Javalon brings considerable experience and resources to assist these entrepreneurs in building the next generation of technology leaders.

The Javalon portfolio currently consists of two fully developed and tested technology assets which it continues to finance and ready for broad commercialization. The first technology exists in the rapidly growing digital security and encryption marketplace, offering a platform for providing market leading solutions for secured email, file transfer, and data storage. The second technology is an advanced video analytics platform which offers intelligent behavior recognition and has broad applications in the transportation, finance, public corrections, and residential security sectors. In addition to working diligently to commercialize these existing portfolio assets, Javalon is continually evaluating additional opportunities to make acquisitions of high-growth disruptive technology companies, which it believes will result in significant added value for WorldVest Equity shareholders.

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